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The amateur radio community helps serve our local community in times of emergency.  Weather Spotting, Emergency Communications, Community Events, and Local Communications are often transmitted using amateur radio equipment. By using the repeater we can expand the distance and clarity of radio communications, extending notification areas and ensuring accuracy. Our amateur radio group helps serve our local community in times of need through Emergency Communications, Weather Spotting, Community Events, and Local Communications all with donated labor and equipment.

The Lowell Amateur Radio Club (LARC), Amateur Radio License W8LRC, sponsor/owner of a regional Amateur Radio repeater system on the frequency of 145.270 MHz- (ctcss 94.8Hz), is dedicated to helping the community during emergencies by allowing priority use of our repeater for communications aid. We are willing to assist Public Safety and Served agencies with use of the W8LRC repeater system whenever the agency deems it appropriate. These agencies include, but are not limited to: RACES, ARES, The American Red Cross, Salvation Army/SATERN, SAR and SKYWARN. Our community, and the lives therein, are invaluable. Emergency communication always takes priority in the amateur radio service, to LARC, and the W8LRC repeater.

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Lowell Amateur Radio Club is recognized as a 501c(3) charity by the IRS.