2NDHand Ham Shop”

The primary purpose for this shop is to fill a big hole in the area. Access, locally, to parts, and equipment related to the ham, computer, DIY, enthusiast.

Along with providing a place for all to gather/hang out, to brag about their shack, equipment, projects, offer your expertise to help in resolving problems, and suggestions for projects for others, or just BS, all over a cup of coffee, and donuts.

We are currently only open on Saturday’s, 8 AM to 2 PM. “You can call on the off days”, and we can meet you at the shop, if you need that special item to complete or fix your project, and you just cannot wait until Saturday.

We have a large selection of, new, new old stock, along with used parts, resistor, capacitors, transistor, IC’s, tubes, etc., some things that are so old, we do not know what they are. This is where the experienced old timers can help out in identifying them.

We stock new, used coax, hard line cable, connectors, adaptors, plus we can make up cables with the ends of your choice, also a stock of used tower sections, and tower accessories.

We are currently carrying “KC8YOE’s” “J” pole antennas, along with his “Y” beams, made upon request. We carry “W8AMZ’s” dipole antennas, covering 160 thru 6 meters, and “ZS6BKW’s”, Famous Optimized G5RV, and the G5RV Lites.

There is a working drugstore tube tester for testing those old tubes for your vintage equipment, along with a large selection of tubes.

There is a “FREE”, no charge, consignment area for all your used radio’s, test equipment, accessories, etc., to sell, and or swap.

We offer full service, testing, and repairing of your equipment, maned by Dave, “KC8PCL”








Bottom line; come on in, and check us out to see for yourself all that is available for you.

Check out our Facebook page for all the latest things happening: www.facebook.com/2nd-Hand-Ham-Shop


7830 80th

Zeeland, Michigan 49464

Contact Information:

(1st) Tom KD8DEG (2nd) Dave KC8PCL

Phone# 616-292-3335 or Phone# 616-719-2745