CW resources

While CW is not anymore a requirement for licensing of Amateur Radio operators, it is still one of the most efficient modes to complete a QSO in very challenging conditions and with a minimal use of bandwidth.

Here are some interesting links to get started!

A bit of history, Morse Code and the Telegraph: 

Thank you to our young friend Corrine for finding this.

Online CW resources:

Learn CW Online ( – A great free site for personalized, self paced CW instruction. Practice using the Koch method and a series of progressively increasing difficulty exercises.

Morse Code Operating Aids – A large collection of learning resources for CW operators of any skill level.

Web based learning. – A very nice website for learning CW. Offline version is available.

Downloadable Software:

CWplayer download link

G4FON download link

Android Apps:

IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW trainer

iOS apps:

Ham Morse ($4.99)

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