VHF Terms of Use

Lowell Amateur Radio Club Virtual Hamfest Policy

April 22, 2015


The Lowell Amateur Radio Club’s Virtual Hamfest (VHF) is a free service that offers postings to its members and ability to view for sale items to anyone.


All transactions are strictly between buyers and sellers. The Lowell Amateur Radio Club assumes no responsibility in any transaction between participants.


Buyers and sellers alike must beware and use reasonable precaution when dealing with unknown parties over the Internet


Placing an ad on the Virtual Hamfest


  1. Swapmeet Categories: Note that there are separate categories for Ham Radio Equipment for Sale and General Merchandise. After posting, the Editors may move your ad into a more appropriate category.


  1. Listing Title: The title of the listing should be concise so that the item can be easily indexed and found in searches. The title should contain the make and model of the item being offered (such as ICOM 781) and nothing else.


  1. Describe the item, its condition, and anything else that a potential buyer would like to know. The more you have to say about the item, the more interested a potential buyer will be.


  1. Include your contact info. It is recommended that you provide either an email address or phone number, or both. Not everybody uses the Forum’s Private Messaging (PM) system. Buyers are more comfortable if you provide easy, direct contact info.


  1. State your price in the ad. You can ask for best offers. Be prepared for offers that are less that your asking price. Be polite in your responses. Consider lowball offers as a starting point for negotiation. A low initial price is the fastest way of selling your item. “Firm” prices tend to discourage.


  1. Offer to pay for shipping. Please comment on shipping if the item is being shipped. Who will pay for the shipping and what will it cost should be listed appropriately if required.


  1. If you accept PayPal, make it clearly known.


  1. Be responsive. Answer all inquiries promptly. Amend your ad with a reply post if a status update or price change is needed. Try and make contact over the phone to close the deal. Document your phone agreement in an email and send it as a friendly confirmation.


  1. Plainly state your return / DOA policy in writing. Don’t ship junk that you know is defective unless you’ve stated that it is defective. They buyer typically must pay for return shipping costs.


  1. Get the money in advance of shipping. Never accept checks that are in excess of your negotiated price.


  1. Always email the customer upon receipt of payment, and email them again when the item ships. Send a shipping confirmation / tracking number if possible.


  1. Ship your item promptly. Email the buyer whenever there is a delay.


  1. eBay Listings – Your for-sale ad may link to an eBay sale, however, a complete description of the item, and a photo, must be included in the ad.


  1. Best Offer Ads – you may choose to sell your goods for “best offer”. The bidding and other negotiations should take place over email.



Special Rules


Prohibited items which may not be offered for sale:

  1. Radios that are illegal for sale per FCC Regulations
  2. Firearms
  3. Anything that the Lowell Amateur Radio Club deems unacceptable
  4. Adult or pornographic material
  5. Any item restricted by US or State of Michigan law


Daily / Weekly Posting Limits

  1. The same item may not be re-listed within 7 days of the original date
  2. Sellers may post comments on their own ads to update status, etc.


Photos are REQUIRED

All for-sale and for-trade listings must include a photo. The minimum photo size is 300 by 200 pixels, and preferably 800×600 pixels.


Ending / Closing Your Listing

Has your item sold? Is your item no longer available for sale? If so, use REPLY to Thread to post a SOLD comment to your ad.


Delete Your Listing

For everyone’s protection, items posted to the Swap Meet may not be deleted. If the information has changed or the item has sold, then simply add a Reply to your listing that explains its current or revised status.



Virtual Hamfest Categories


Antennas (Base, Mobile, Portable/HT, Switches, combiners, polyphasers)

Cable (Antenna wire, coax, power)



Ham Radio Gear

Instrumentation (Analyzers, Power and SWR Meters)

Radios (Base, Mobile, Portable)


Tools (Hand tools, soldering)


If you would like to suggest a category, please contact webmaster@w8lrc.org to have it considered for addition to VHF.


Donations to Lowell Amateur Radio Club

Once you’ve sold something using this service and you’d like to express your gratitude, then please use one of the DONATE buttons on website. There is no suggested minimum amount, just whatever feels right for you. Whatever the amount, THANKS!


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would just like to contact us regarding our Virtual Hamfest, send email to: webmaster@w8lrc.org